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Norma Revo IPA-80

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Novo integrirano pojačalo Norma Revo IPA80 predstavlja prvi važan segment u stalnom procesu unaprijeđivanja REVO serije proizvoda.
Zadržavajući nasljeđe prijašnjeg modela Revo 70b, Norma je s pažnjom revidirala cjelokupan projekt, dodajući snagu i strujnu rezervu zahvaljujući novom transformatoru.
I novi model moguće je dograditi izvrsnim inernim DAC i phono (mm/mc) modulima.

– Extreme low noise and high speed schematic topology.

– Wide band ( >1 MHz ).

– High current MOS-FET power device (100 A output peak current).

– 8 power device for a total rated 1.000 W power handling capability.

– Semiconductor selected and matching for Left & Right channel.

– PCB Board with wide ground plane.

– Separate ground plane power supply for Gain, Driver and Output stage.

– High speed and low noise regulated power supply for gain and driver stage.

– High filtering capacity with numerous and low impedance capacitors.

– Full aluminium non-magnetic frame.

– Remote control of all functions with NORMA RC-A remote control.

– Toroidal power transformer specially designed for audio applications, low dispersion flow. low mechanical noise, high permeability magnetic core with consequent low output impedance.

– Two-speed volume control (Fine and Fast).

– Possibility of housing the PHONO Stage Board inside.

– High quality phono stage, for MM and MC pick-up

– Protection for DC signal sensitive speakers.

– Inputs selection by relay with GOLD/PALLADIUM contacts.

– Stand-by mode switches off the microprocessor one the command is executed, so as to annul any interference towards analogue signal.

Inputs 1 Phono MM/MC, 4 Line RCA, 1 Direct (AV) IN
Inputs Impedance 10 Kohm
1 REC OUT, 2 pair of Main Speakers Outputs
Phono Input Impedance
47 Kohm, 1 Kohm, 500 Ohm. 100 Ohm, Spare
Phono Gain
34 dB, 38 dB, 42 dB, 46 dB, 50 dB, 52 dB, Spare
Output Power
80 W RMS / 8 Ohm – 150W RMS / 4 Ohm (each channel)
Outputs Current 24 A continuous, 100 A peak (each channel)
Sensitivity: 34 dB, 470 mV for 70 W / 8 Ohm
230 V AC / 50 Hz, (100V AC or 115 VAC / 50-60Hz in some countries)
Dimensions (HxWxD)
Solid state
15 KgNote Integrated amplifier with full remote control by NORMA IR


  • Model: Revo IPA 80
  • Proizvođač: Norma

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